The success story of the Niederegger brand began in 1806, when master confectioner Johann Georg Niederegger opened an independent confectionery store in Lübeck, Germany, gave it his name, and started creating world-famous recipes. The Niederegger brand has been associated with marzipan (or almond paste, as it is known as in Australia) of the very highest quality ever since.

Niederegger has been producing marzipan for over 200 years and today is in its seventh and eighth generation. The long-running tradition of the family company has been maintained, and our establishment has been managed with belief and passion to produce marzipan and confectionery specialities that are truly unique. Our standard has always been the highest quality, and this will remain the case in future, too, with our goal to continue to produce the best marzipan worldwide. The standard of high quality is fulfilled by committed and qualified employees. We concentrate all our efforts on strengthening our brand.

The secret of Niederegger marzipan lies in the recipe for the right mix of almonds, sugar and a secret ingredient comparable with rose water, which has been passed on and strictly monitored.

Only raw materials of the highest quality are used. Today, as was the case when the company was founded, roasting takes place in traditional roasting cauldrons and the production is personally supervised each day by the master confectioner. Niederegger is the only premium manufacturer that exclusively produces its marzipan paste itself.