Destrooper-Olivier was established in 1986 by Luc Destrooper and Christiane Olivier. To this day, it remains a thriving family business. With Bert Destrooper at the helm, the second generation sees to our international growth! Now making biscuits under our own 'Belgian Butters' brand, we specialise in traditional Belgian Butter waffles, including mini waffles and thin almond cookies.
Authenticity and tradition are the values of ‘Belgian Butters’. Our top priority is creating biscuits of the highest quality. Our doughs are prepared according to authentic recipes. What is more, the dough is made in the traditional way, giving it the taste you love. Our secret is not just great recipes, but also the quality of our products. We hold high standards and have been awarded the International Food Safety (IFS) and British Retail Consortium (BRC) certificates.