Marzipan & Fruit Jellies

- - Magnificent marzipan. - -
A true confectionery delicacy sourced from only the finest almonds. Choose from an irresistible variety of boxed selections, bars and decadent creations from Niederegger, the Rolls-Royce of marzipan.

Niederegger marzipan is from Lübeck, Germany. The finest almonds are sourced for this confectionery delicacy.for this confectionery delicacy. Providorium features delicious classic loaves as well as a selection of chocolate bars – perfect for newcomers to the world of marzipan. We also feature a variety of marzipan boxes, some also containing chocolate truffles and pralines. Take a look at our Master Selection for this assortment. Providorium is your one-stop shop for Niederegger fine marzipan.