Boxed Chocolates

- - Inspired selections, presented to perfection. - -

Special occasion, or special someone. From classic truffles and pralines to cherry liqueurs, French assortments and Swiss mini chocolates, these tempting assortments will impress even the most discerning of palates.

Providorium’s boxed chocolate range includes a selection of everyone’s favourite chocolate treats from premium chocolate delicacies to Yummycomb bites (delicious honeycomb dipped in rich Belgian chocolate). Providorium’s signature box is the Butlers Café Milk Chocolate Collection, featuring an excellent range of truffles and pralines produced in Ireland. We feature products from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Italy. These products have been carefully sourced for Providorium customers across Australia so we can offer unique confectionery treats such as cherry liqueurs, French assortments, classic centres and Swiss mini chocolates.